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From cold to bulk and other goods deliveries.

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Transports and Deliveries from Toholampi

We do transports throughout Scandinavia, mainly distributing in Ostrobothnia

In transportation, we specialize in temperature-controlled cold transports and bulk transports. We use thermo vehicles that ensure the quality of food products and other sensitive items throughout the chain. Also, combination vehicles are part of our special equipment ensuring the safe success of transports.

We also handle distribution transports, focusing on the needs of entrepreneurs operating from Toholampi throughout Ostrobothnia. Our long experience ensures that your deliveries arrive as and when they should. Our professional drivers are also an essential part of successfully completing the task.

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You can trust us

We have been operating in the industry since 2000. We have long-standing customer relationships, and our credit rating is of the highest AAA class. We are also part of the Reliable Partner service, which is evidence of honest, transparent, and compliant activities under the contractor liability law.

So if you are looking for a transport partner for your company, contact us!

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